Hydrogen - AquaRx Starter Pack

Hydrogen - AquaRx Starter Pack

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Try it for yourself, get the great benefits for just £11.99.

What You Get In This Starter Pack:

  • 7 Days Supply of AquaRx (Worth £14.99):  Take 3 capsules to get the benefits!
  •  AquaRx Also Contains Fulvic Minerals: Essential minerals aids absorbtion of hydrogen.
  • NINJA BOTTLE (Worth £3.99): No Leaks, No Clogging, Easy To Hold, Fits In Bottle Holders & Bikes, BPA Free, Looks Great.
  • Printed 16 Page Hydrogen Guide (Worth £2.99): Everything about hydrogen and how to use it for maximum benefits!
  • Super-Cool Avocado Ninja Tin (Worth £1.99):  Take your  hydrogen capsules with you wherever you go in this reusable tin!

How It Works:
AquaRx Capsules dissolve in the stomach to release nano bubbles of hydrogen throughout the body.  Maximum H2 Delivery!

The Science:

You can read about the full effects of hydrogen at the Molecular Hydrogen Foundation here.

The Magnesium in I Love H2 has the following EU approved health benefits:

  • Reduction of tiredness and fatigue
  • Normal Electrolyte balance
  • Normal Energy yielding metabolism
  • Normal Nervous system function
  • Normal Muscle function
  • Normal Protein synthesis
  • Normal Psychological function
  • Normal Teeth and Bones
  • Normal Cell division

Please note: These health claims are fully approved by the European FSA.  You can see these here.

Over 1000 scientific studies available...