Inner Balance Pure Bio-Energy Greens (280g/06lbs)
Inner Balance Pure Bio-Energy Greens (280g/06lbs)

Inner Balance Pure Bio-Energy Greens (280g/06lbs)

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What if you could get the nutrition your body needs in one convenient, great-tasting scoop each day?

With BioEnergy Greens, you can. Packed with superfoods, this powder nourishes your body at a cellular level.

As part of Tony’s own daily routine, he uses BioEnergy Greens as a shake in the morning to start his day and maintain his health, no matter what his rigorous schedule requires.

Whether you’re looking to stay in peak health while on the go or just need more greens in your daily diet, BioEnergy Greens is the easy solution.

  • All ingredients are natural and organic
  • Five incredible super foods
  • Eight high nutrient vegetables
  • Five super fruits
  • Powerful antioxidant blend
  • Digestive enzymes to aid absorbtion
  • Great value for money at 39p per serving
  • Tastes better than every before
  • Mixes better with water and juices

This specially formulated blend of fresh, dense green vegetables and natural fibres such as broccoli, wheatgrass and spinach provides essential nutrients.

Inner Balance is specially formulated by Tony Robbins and former Harvard nutritionist Stacey J. Bell, PhD, to give your body what it truly needs.


Have you ever wanted to have the vitality of Anthony Robbins? This is his secret weapon!

Anthony Robbins Inner Balance line of products is designed to support you in creating and maintaining a lifestyle of vibrant health.
When you create peak levels of vitality and energy, something magical happens. And when it's alive within you, there is a charisma, an excitement, an exuberant passion for living that doesn't exist without physical vitality.

And, by creating this base of extraordinary vitality and energy, you also create the necessary base for achievement and fulfillment in other areas of your life—your relationships, your career, your finances, and your spirituality.

Pure Bio-Energy Greens are specially formulated by Anthony Robbins and former Harvard nutritionist Stacey J. Bell, PhD, to give your body what it truly needs: balance at the cellular level, quick absorption, and fresh and natural ingredients.

This specially formulated blend of fresh dense green vegetables, high in alkaline minerals and natural fibres such as broccoli, kelp and spinach.

From studying experts from around the world and trying out many types of supplements, we have found green drinks to be the most effective.

We believe this is due to the concentration and the natural ingredients. We have also had countless stories from customers describing the incredible effects the drinks have.

Pure Bio-Energy Greens Ingredients

You can find further information about the ingredients contained in Pure Bio-Energy Greens below...

Barley Grass - health benefit information here

Wheatgrass - health benefit information here

Spinach - health benefit information here

Alfalfa - health benefits information here

Broccoli - health benefit information here

Oh wowzers!!! Review by Tania

I have bought the wheatgrass sachets from Holland & B, great, but £18 for 30. But with this product I can now get 140 servings - so work out about £16 a month, using morning and late pm. I sleep well, I jump out of bed, man it's crazy!!!! Fat melts where I have been struggling for EVAH!!!!
and if you have not found love yet for Anthony Robbins, check him out on you tube, and you'll fall in love with him and Paige. Go go go...don't waste another minute! Invest in yourself - for once!!! go get your Inner Balance Pure Bio-Energy Greens with MSM! Thanks Tony Robbins and followers - I looooove you all!!!!
Excellent product-Good health Review by Logan1985
I haven't been able to afford this stuff but I have taken it before and its the best wheatgrass (green) drink I have ever had. The MSM really must be the difference. It seems you get faster results because of this ingredient than other products on the market. I live in Leicester- England. Im on Facebook as Stephen Logan Howell if you want to message me and I might add you. PS id love to work with Tony, but I don't! :( haha

Superb drink. Review by Jonny V

I'll get it out of the way with first, it's pricey for a 2 month supply and I drink 4-5 a day so I'll be getting though them a lot quicker than most.

That's it however. It's a great drink. I admit I haven't tried many others but this certainly does seem to keep me feeling health and stop me snacking on other things. Bear in mind that this won't work on it's own to make you fit and strong so consider looking at other areas of your diet and lifestyle too. This can be a string part of it though and making sure that you have one before/during/after every meal will certainly do no harm and help to restore the balance in your body and life.
Was always tired, not anymore! Review by Little miss energy
I LOVE this product. Have tried other green drinks, but this is the best tasting in my opinion, dissolves better in water, and you can feel a boost almost immediately. Even my husband now drinks it. Was described as like drinking a can of red bull, but with all the great nutrients your body is craving. Stops me snacking as I don't always want to when I drink this as my body is naturally satisfied. Give it a try, it may be the best money you've spent on your health!

This stuff works Review by thingymcjig

I tried this product first and was really impressed, i do a lot of running and found that this product really helps. I then switched to a cheaper range to save money and stuck with it until it ran out. It not only tasted bogging in comparison but just didn't have the same effect, I started missing drinks out and eating more rubbish. This product tasted fine to me and i found myself craving more drinks, which i put down to my body appreciating the nutrients. Didn't get that from the cheaper alternatives. I have now got several other people hooked, which is why my first tub ran out so fast. I am keeping this one to myself :-)

Outstanding Product Review by Jay Riley

If you really want more energy in your life experience more passion in your relationships, the ability not just to make it through the day but to achieve more feel alive inside have the health, vitality and the ability to conquer the mountain. That you've been trying to overcome plus look absolutely unbelievable in the process than this is a must for you.

I haven't personally haven't found a better product out there for £15 a week, £2 plus a day that has increased the quality of my life more than this.

You might be put off by the size/price ratio of this product, but I can promise you that if you read other peoples reviews as well that the product is way bigger than what you actually see visually.

I myself just like others have tried all types of green products and this beats them hands down.

How the product tastes greatly depends on how acid to alkaline you personally are. If you're starting out you might find yourself a little unsure about the taste at first. Because it's new but once you experience the benefits that you'll get it will re-enforce you that it's all worth it trust me.

What this product has given me is abundance: to be, do and create anything I want in my life. And share with those I love most what a passionate life is all about.

P.S I would also recommend if you haven't already done so to Purchase: Anthony Robbins - Pure Bio-Energy or Energy for Life Audio Program. Because it will give you a greater understanding of the go-green principles, key insights strategies and tools you can use to maximize your results.

somehow different to the others..Review by gia

I've used this for a while and when I really do stick with it I:
go down a few sizes in clothing
feel energetic,
feel more "upbeat" somehow,
have more positive momentum in my life....

It tastes gross, which is why I sometimes just stop taking it - but I always kick myself afterwards because the fast gulping down of a greensy tasting drink that really does seem to improve the quality of my life is worth it.. I have tried numerous other greens drinks and capsules in an effort to find one that was cheaper and more convienient (ie; tablets or capsules) but none of them had the noticable effects or benefits that this stuff has - its unbelievable.

I tend to mix the powder with only a mouthful of water, then down it in one and THEN guzzle the glass of water required to go with it.... MUCH easier than having a horrid tasting long drink!

I have to reiterate here that this stuff really does make you feel better in yourself in so many ways.. I attribute it to huge difference in weight success I had - in fact, I'm about to start back up with this. I found this site, which offers this product here in the UK - before I had to pay a ridiculous amount getting it shipped from the states - so now that I just found this site, I have less excuse and will be starting back up with my daily greens!!

Best taste and lasts longer - Review by dave

After using some of the other cheaper greens I decided to pay up and get the Tony Robbins greens - you get what you pay for right?

You're not wrong. You can actually drink this without having to hold your breath! Only kidding, not that the others are THAT bad, but this one is actually good. I definitely felt it was worth the extra £ for the effect it had on me too. But the best thing is, this is actually a bigger tub than the others I was buying and it lasts much longer - meaning it probably didn't cost me any more at all.