Laura Wilson The Alkaline 5 Diet Book

Laura Wilson The Alkaline 5 Diet Book

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The Alkaline 5 Diet is grounded in solid science and based around eating alkaline-forming foods for optimum health and energy and weight loss. You eat 5 meals per day and this way of eating is:

  • Simple
  • Satisfying
  • Sustainable
  • Super-healthy
  • Systematized

Grab yourself a copy and give it a go with the 21-day meal plan and recipes at the back of the book.

"I’ve been eating this way for around 12 years and it has helped me and many other people look and feel younger and more energetic (I’ve ran lots if marathons and ultra-marathons on this diet), get lean, eat on a cheap budget and with little time for cooking yet feel really satisfied with the delicious meals." - Laura Wilson