PerfectlyHealthy Mega Greens (180 Capsules)
PerfectlyHealthy Mega Greens (180 Capsules)
PerfectlyHealthy Mega Greens (180 Capsules)

PerfectlyHealthy Mega Greens (180 Capsules)

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Our #1 Most Popular Greens

Delicious, Potent & Highly Alkaline Green

Mega Greens is a highly dense blend of alkaline ingredients!

  • Formulated by world renowned Dr Erin Connealy
  • The iron in Mega Greens reduces tiredness and fatigue and contributes to
  • Oxygen Transport, Red Blood Cell Formation, Immune System and Cognitive Function (Health claims approved by European FSA)
  • Our most cost-effective green drink at just 35p per serving - almost half the price of other greens!
  • Contains 34 alkaline ingredients – making it the most popular greens
  • Contains a unique blend of 17 naturally occurring amino acids, alkaline grasses, vegetables, sprouts and more!
  • MSM has great benefits
  • 1 Serving of Mega Greens plus MSM compares to 5 to 7 servings of vegetables daily!


The need for supplementation has never been greater than it is today. The alarming fact is that food (fruits, vegetables, and grains) now being raised on millions of acres of land that no longer contain enough of certain minerals, are starving us – no matter how much we eat.

No person today can eat enough fruits and vegetables to supply his system with the minerals he requires for perfect health because his stomach isn't big enough to hold them.

The truth is that our foods vary enormously in value, and some of them aren't worth eating as food...Our physical well-being is more directly dependent upon the minerals we take in our system than upon calories of vitamins or upon precise proportions of starch, protein or carbohydrates we consume.

We must eat 5 servings of vegetables compared to 1 serving of vegetables 50 years ago. Mega Greens plus MSM compares to 5 to 7 servings of vegetables daily!

The Iron contained in Mega Greens:

  • contributes to normal cognitive function
  • contributes to normal energy-yielding metabolism
  • contributes to normal formation of red blood cells and haemoglobin
  • contributes to normal oxygen transport in the body
  • contributes to the normal function of the immune system
  • contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue

The Vitamin A contained in Mega Greens:

  • contributes to normal iron metabolism
  • contributes to the maintenance of normal mucous membranes
  • contributes to the maintenance of normal skin
  • contributes to the maintenance of normal vision
  • contributes to the normal function of the immune system

Please note these health claims are fully approved by the European FSA.

Works Well For MeReview by nic63

I'm doing the Wahl's Protocol and I think this product is an essential boost to my immune system during the day. I add lemon juice to every litre I drink to improve the taste but even without, I really like it. To be honest, I think it's a bit expensive and I think the cost would put a lot of people off but your health is very important so it's probably worth it.

Works for me Review by Manners

Having tried all sorts of vitamin and mineral products over the years, I've come to the conclusion from some very hard learnt trial and error, that synthetic vitamins aren't good in any shape or form. This was my first green drink brand and can happily down as many glasses as I like throughout the day knowing that my reaction to it is only a positive one. Taste's fine, just add a little lemon juice if its a bit much, but I wont be stopping taking it, best all round vitamin and mineral boost I have come across.

Nice taste Review by Jim8

I have been using it for about a month now and still like to have it, I cannot take the recommended daily dose (6grams) cause taking 3 liters is bit hard for me. thankyou
Great for going on holiday or when you are too busy to juice

Review by elaine mummery

I always encourage my clients at my clinic to juice up vegetables. For some this isn't easy and I am regularly asked if there is something they can buy instead. I have been recommending MegaGreens but only tried it myself recently. It is far from being delicious but it does the job. I would still encourage my clients to juice their own vegetables but definitely to keep a tub of this for holidays or to take to work when they are unable to juice.

A few years ago when I was in Los Angeles on holiday I struggled to find anything healthy to eat. I was staying in a hotel which meant that I couldn't juice and every time I ordered vegetables with my meal they were already seasoned. My body was acidic day 3 of my holiday! Now that I know about Mega greens I will be taking this on holiday with me...problem solved.

Healthy and convenient Review by Cinderella

I love this ! It is convenient to consume alI that goodness of numerous greens in a powder that mixes well and I prefer the taste of this one to the other green drinks available from this website, although they are all of superior quality in my opinion.

Wonderful Product Review by sunshine

I bought this product rather sceptically but feeling really lousy thought it was worth a try. I can get up easier in the morning and generally feel really good - have been giving all my friends a trial as I think everyone could benefit from this particularly as part of an alkaline diet - great stuff wish I'd tried it years ago.

Quality product Review by Ro

I was expecting it to taste vile but it doesn't. I'm drinking this very happily with nothing added to mask the taste and I feel great. Would love it to be cheaper but quality product.

Great choice supplement Review by TriDorisimo

I've been adding this to salads, soups and even smoothies for a couple of weeks excellent addition; slightly mint taste works in the right fruit smoothie surprisingly and really well! I didn't quite appreciate the whole alkaline concept when I got this product but have found that a real bonus.

Great price, great taste Review by Elgin

This is the 3rd green powder product that I've tried and have found the taste and value for money as good as or better than the others that I've tried. Thoroughly recommend this product. (Posted on 04/01/2011)

Great Green Product Review by Kalpna

I've tried a lot of the green powders on the market. This one tastes a lot better and doesn't have bits which are not great when you are making a shake! Price wise it's slightly better value than a lot of the others. I eat fairly healthily but have a scoop in my shake every morning just to top up on my nutrients, I normally have lot's of energy anyway but I started using this again over the past six months and have noticed that I am a lot more focused in my work.

Great tasting. Review by edi

I gave this 5 stars because of the excellent 2 for 1 offer on at the time! This is a high quality greens drink but what I like most about it, is the inclusion of mint extracts which masks the normal green taste; whatever claims are made, they do not usually taste great! This one is very palatable.

Fantastic product. Review by Philip

I have been using Nexium for about 10 years now and this is the first time I have been able to get off of it. Usually I have to cut out any food that I enjoy in order to reduce my usage of Nexium but when I'm taking greens I can eat when and what I want.

Great product. Super Alkalising Stuff! Review by Sharon J

Both Hubby and I take a scoop per day, we both feel and look great. Teamed up with an Alkalising diet this product really helps to sort out any acidity in the body.
My top tip is to add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice to the drink, it makes it taste ten times better!

Feel Good Review by Pat

I have been using this for a while now, didn't really like the taste but now i mix it with any flavour of diluting juice and it's much nicer !!! wouldn't be without it now..
Green is the colour Review by Luciana
Have tried other green powder and have been looking for quality and price due to the amount we get through as a family.

Love this one and so does my partner. He finds it not so bitter/gritty and loves the hint of peppermint. We have even managed to get our 10 year old onto a scoop in his water bottle!

I drink it with every drop of water that passes my mouth and even take the powder in a smaller jar with me to work and when I go away as I feel the difference it makes to my feelings.

Mother gives Mega Greens a Big Thumbs Up! Review by Sharon

I purchased the Mega Greens for my mother , who has lived arthritis for a long time. It has the added benefits of MSM. She has told me the taste is very pleasant and this must be alkalizing her blood . She will most definately continue to take this greens powder and will hopefully feel more benefits in months to come.

Wouldn't be without it now Review by Jo

I've been taking green drinks, mainly this one, for five years. I am a vegetarian and had anaemia, but it has never returned since I have been drinking 3 green drinks a day. If I forget to take my drinks, or go away without my powder, I can tell a difference within a week - it makes my hair shine, my eyes are whiter than anyones I know. It tastes weird at first, but you get used to it as an acid environment doesn't seem to like the taste of alkaline and vice versa.

Excellent product Review by Wendy

I have been using mega greens for over 3 years. I originally bought it to help with acid build up in my stomach - and it is the only thing that has every worked. But I drink it every day whilst at the gym and find it a great workout booster. Excellent could never be without it!

Great to revive - pleasant taste too. Review by Annie

Green drink with a litre of water is excellent for helping revive me. this is pleasant tasting and less bitty than some tried previously.

Love It Review by Grant

I only drink one bottle of this a day (one scoop in water) but when i do it makes my 5k runs a LOT easier and faster. I cant believe more people dont know about this stuff.

Top of List Review by Sarah West

Though this product raises eyebrows because of how it looks and raises many questions from others who see you drinking it I would put it at the top of my list as far as health products are concerned.

Thanks Review by sarah

i have been looking for this for months! i just cannot believe how much more vitality and oomph i have got now!

Contains 180 Capsules

Serving Size: 3 Capsules

Ingredients: Barley Grass, Beet Root Powder, Bilberry Leaf, Broccoli Powder, Carrot Powder, Dandelion Leaf, Garlic, Ginger Root, Red Raspberry Leaf, Rosemary Leaf Powder, Sage Leaf, Spearmint, Spinach, Olive Leaf, -Alfalfa Leaf, Alfalfa Sprouts Powder, Aloe 200:1, Barley Sprouts, Beet Leaf Powder, Cabbage Leaf, Celery, Kale, MSM, Okra, Parsley Leaf Powder, Peppermint Leaves, Shave Grass, Strawberry Leaf, Watercress Aerial Parts, Wintergreen Leaf, Cauliflower, Avocado, Cucumber, Green Tea Extract, L-Beta Carotene.

Contains the following naturally occurring vitamins: Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin G, Vitamin K.

Contains the following naturally occuring minerals: Magnesium, Phosphorus, Potassium, Carotene, Chlorophyll, Trace Minerals, Folic Acid, Niacin, Folate, Copper, Choline, Pantothenic Acid, Soluble, Iron, Fiber, Maganese, Omega 3 fatty acids, Thiamine, Tryptophan, Dietary Fiber, Calcium, Molybdenum, Caffeic Acid, Mineral Silica, Zinc, Boron, Silicon, Selenium, Histidine, Glycine, Tyrosine, Zirconium, Fibre, Chromium, Aluminum, Saponins, Phytosterols, Alkaloids, Tannins, Phenolic Acids, Riboflavin, Protein, Sulfur, Nitrogen, Salicylic Acid.