pHour Salts (450 g)
pHour Salts (450 g)

pHour Salts (450 g)

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Powerful Alkaline Mineral Salts

pHour Salts is a combination of four alkaline minerals (potassium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, calcium carbonate and sodium bicarbonate) that helps the body to maintain optimal levels of these highly important nutrients.

The alkaline salt ingredients have 13 Independently Verified Health Benefits. Click on the "Full Benefits" tab for more details. 

One of our most popular supplements, we have been personally using pHour Salts for the past 10 years. The European Food Standards Authority has verified peer reviewed research reiterating how powerful these alkaline salts really are.

"I love this product. It really helps day-to-day to keep me energised." - Sam

" I'm feeling better and have more engergy." - Scott

" I have to say since I started taking pHour Salts my energy has trippled ." - Andrew

"This is a must have, you will start to glow after a few weeks." - Max

"This product massively helped with muscle recovery." - Karin

"You can feel the difference almost immediately." - Lorna


  • Comprehensive Health Boost: Includes ingredients with 13 health claims independently tested and verified by the European Food Standards Authority, we are confident that pHour Salts really delivers on a whole range of health benefits.
  • Blood Pressure: The potassium contained in pHour Salts is proven to contribute to the maintenance of normal blood pressure. 
  • Sports Performance: The potassium in pHour Salts is proven to contribute to normal muscle function. The magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue, contributes to electrolyte balance, contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism, muscle function and protein synthesis, making this one of the most potent sports drinks on the market.
  • Energy Boost: The potassium in pHour Salts contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system. The magnesium contributes to the reduction of tiredness and fatigue and contributes to normal energy yielding metabolism.
  • Brain Boost: The magnesium in pHour Salts contributes to normal psychological function.
  • Bones and Teeth: The magnesium in pHour Salts contributes to the maintenance of normal bones and teeth.
  • Trusted Research: Put your trust in the man with the proven science to back up the benefits of the product. With over 20 years of live blood test analysis and research, Robert Young specialises in seeing exactly what effect foods, drinks and lifestyle have on the blood. This is the cutting edge of health. There are also many separate research papers backing up Robert Youngs work. Just click on the "product resources" tab above to view. 
  • Ninja Tested and Approved: pHour Salts form one of the "Core Supplements" that we take every day here at Avocado Ninja. We personally use and recommend this product.

Please note: These health claims are fully approved by the European FSA.

Brilliant Product!
Review by Sam
I love this product. It really helps day-to-day to keep my energised. I especially notice the benefits when I've indulged in chocolates or dairy and my stomach is grumbling at me.

A must have for anyone serious about looking after themselves!
Review by Sue
I find it helps keep me alkaline . But I use it dual purpose. I mix my daily dose with warm water and peppermint oil and use it like a mouthwash throughout the day but swallowing it instead of spitting out! It helps keep my breath fresh and my mouth and teeth alkaline, unlike the commercial mouth washes which are acidic and full of chemicals! Love it

Review by max
this is a must have, you will start to glow after a few weeks, for the ones that find it hard to drink you dont have to start off with just salt and water mix one tea spoon with one lt of water and green powder 3 times a day.

Fantastic product!
Review by Karin
I'm recovering from protracted benzodiazepine withdrawal. Insomnia has been the worst withdrawal symptom, which has been greatly alleviated by switching to an alkaline diet. I've not been able to exercise at all for a long time as even 5 minutes of gentle exercise seemed to worsen the insomnia. I read the review about this product helping muscles recover after exercise, and gave the product a try. It's about 3 weeks since starting with the salts now. From day 1 I have been able to do a daily 20 minute yoga session, with no side effects at all. I cannot recommend this product highly enough.

Review by happy customer abroad
Review by Happy Customer
I had changed my diet for a while but that product allowed me to really "pass the other side of the wall", and I now used it from time to time after or before a big non alkaline meal / day. The best quality / efficiency for the price I ever found in that category.

What a kickstart
Review by Gabby
I recently went to see a live blood analysist after months of alkalizing and no effect and he put me on phour salts straight away. He told me I needed a big alkaline kick up the *ss! This worked and within a few days i started seeing the results that the alkaline diet had promised.

Fast Recovery
Review by Andi
I use Phour Salts after training and long races (I run marathons) and it is the best recovery drink I have ever used. It makes me feel human again so quickly and I don't get muscle tightness or soreness any more. I guess is alkalises the lactic acid build up. It definitely replaces my lost salts which is great.

Super Stuff
Review by Garry C
This has helped me with my heartburn straight away after years of medication. I only use it when I need it and it always does the trick. Very happy with it.

Ingredients: Sodium Bicarbonate, Magnesium Carbonate, Potassium Carbonate and Calcium Carbonate.

Active ingredients in the daily dose (3x6 g): Potassium 2523 mg 126% (RDA) Magnesium 92.7 mg 24.7% (RDA) 
RDA: recommended daily allowance 

Maximum 3 times per day mix one teaspoon/ scoop (6 g) powder with a glass of puried water, 1 hour before or after meals.

WARNING: not all alkaline minerals are the same. Most commercial brands of alkaline salts are loaded with artificial sweeteners, anti-caking agents, acids forming additives, and have been heated or chemically treated.  pHour Salts has been carefully crafted to be as close to its natural state as possible, to deliver all the benefits with no nasty surprises.  It also has been specifically blended to an optimum mix, refined by Robert Young over 28 years, to give you the exact balance of minerals to maximize the benefits.