Alkaline Salts

Alkaline Salts consist of MAGNESIUM, SODIUM, POTASSIUM and CALCIUM.   The “Alkaline Diet”, which forms a foundation for our approach, consists of an abundance alkaline salts. 

Alkaline Salts (calcium, magnesium, sodium bicarbonate and potassium) at over 15% RDA per serving, have now been independently proven by the European Food Standards Authority to have health benefits. 

  • Potassium contributes to normal functioning of the muscle and nervous system, as well as the maintenance of normal blood pressure.

  • Magnesium has a role in the process of cell division and contributes to electrolyte balance, normal energy-yielding metabolism and reduction of tiredness and fatigue.

  • Magnesium contributes to normal functioning of the nervous system, normal psychological and muscle function.

  • Magnesium also contributes to the maintenance of normal bones, teeth and protein synthesis
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