The Ninja Alkaline Water Jug
The Ninja Alkaline Water Jug
The Ninja Alkaline Water Jug
The Ninja Alkaline Water Jug
The Ninja Alkaline Water Jug
The Ninja Alkaline Water Jug
The Ninja Alkaline Water Jug
The Ninja Alkaline Water Jug
The Ninja Alkaline Water Jug
The Ninja Alkaline Water Jug
The Ninja Alkaline Water Jug

The Ninja Alkaline Water Jug

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For each Ninja Jug sold, Avocado Ninja will donate £5 towards The Water Project.

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Alkaline & Filtered Water ON-THE-GO! 

The Alkaline Water Jug is a portable alkaline water jug that filters a huge array of chemicals and alkalizes your water quickly and easily! 

Brilliant for using at work, on-the-go while travelling or in your home!  Never be without filtered and alkaline water again!

Product Highlights:

  • Smart filter replacement indicator
  • Fast filter flow and large top section to fill from tap
  • Jug is made of high Food Grade, EXTRA Strong, Shatter-Proof and durable materials!
  • Completely natural filtration process
  • Ionises water (increases antioxidants)
  • Sophisticated technology Alkalises water from any source
  • Raises water to a High Alkaline (pH balance) upto pH 9.
  • Reduces heavy metals plus water hardness and pollution
  • Abundant minerals (Ca, Mg, Na, K and more) deposited into the water naturally
  • Robust filter and require less changing and better value than a standard filter
  • Beautiful stylish design with comfort grip wooden handle
  • Non-slip silicon base
  • Smart lid enables refilling without removing the lid
  • Slim design fits nicely in the fridge door
  • Portable and easy to use

Imagine the health benefits from having 3-4 litres of high pH anti-oxidant water every day, on tap, directly on your office desk!

Each filter lasts 3 months.  Replacement filter can be purchased here.


For £7,500 we can fully fund a water project, giving clean and safe drinking water to an entire community or school.

"100% of donations will go directly to funding a project"  

 Avocado Ninja will Donate £5 for each Ninja Jug sold.  
PLUS £1 for each replacement filter to ensure we continue to transform communities.

 Find out how much we have donated and why we are doing this,


Drinking good quality alkaline water is the absolute cornerstone of the alkaline approach to health.  As you probably know, tap water is full of toxins, bacteria, chlorine, fluoride and more and most often has an acidic pH.  If you are drinking 3-4 litres of water per day, and this source of water is your tap - you're filling your body with an acidity!

Standard filters? While normal filters are very good in removing contaminants, in many cases they leave the water more acidic than when it came out of the tap.

By simply using the Alkaline Water Jug you are not only taking your tap water up to a delicious pH 9, but you're also filtering out a lot of the rubbish that is in our water supply.

This is by far the most cost-effective way of getting alkaline anti-oxidant water, quickly and easily.

  • Increase pH and Ionise Water: The Alkaline Jug increases pH, ionises
  • Natural Filtration Process:  The Alkaline water jug utilizes a completely natural filtration process which adds alkaline minerals to your water to increase the pH. 
  • Cheaper in the long run: More durable filters requiring less changing and are cheaper than a standard filter.
  • Portable and easy to use: The Alkaline Water Jug is a simple, cost effective solution to give you great quality, clean and alkaline water.  The Alkaline Water Jug is also easily transportable which almost makes it a must-have!
  • Storable: The water is ready to drink or decant into bottles for storage within 5 minutes. The water treated by The Alkaline Water Jug can last several weeks or more and will lose very little of the powerful benefits produced.

Imagine having alkaline water, on tap, directly on your office desk!

How does it work?

The water passes through an advanced 5 stage extreme alkalising filter, removes bacteria, chlorine, heavy metals, VOC's and more.  At the same time, natually adding in abundant minerals (Ca, Mg, Na, K and more). 

How often do you need to change the filters?

The filter should be replaced every 2-3 months - depending on your tap water quality and usage.

How much water is in one jug full?

Storage capacity is 2.5 liters in main jug and 1 litre in top section.

How do I turn on the smart indicator?

Simply press and hold the start button for 6 seconds.

There's a slight smell and taste to the water when I first use it.

Wash the jug and filter before use. Then rinse the filter out thoroughly by filling at least 2 jug full of water, and discard the water.
Please see the instruction manual for further information.

Where can I find replacement filter?

You can find them HERE

I am so happy to have this water filter, I have scoured the internet and this is the best alkalising water filter I have found. Money wise it is the cheapest too. Thank you

Review by Jay bee

I bought this water jug based on a recommendation by a friend who is obsessive compulsive when it comes to doing research before buying or recommending anything, so I was intrigued I did I little reading myself and decided to give it a try. The item came in good time. The instructions where straight forward and helpful and I was pleased to see that the filter only needs to be replaced after eight months based on consumption of four litres of water per day. As I only drink no more than two litres that makes it roughly 16 months before replacement is need in my case, great. The water pours perfectly from the jug no leaks or surges just neatly pours into glass, cup etc. No more foul, chalky metallic tasting tap water, just clean smooth mineralised alkaline water. I even take the water to work and as a result drink more water throughout the day, I definitely feel more hydrated and energised. 

Review by Mervin

I had resolved to "drink more water" in line with getting healthy and losing weight. But, after just 1 day of drinking tap water I'd enough. Nasty taste! Then I found this jug and whammy!, water transformed. Now it it tastes yummy and clean and with the special fiters I know it's a better quality of water all round.
Plus, it fits in the fridge door so you can have nice cool water too.

Fantastic! Happy slurping :)

Review by Leeky

We're very happy with our ioniser jug, can't tell for sure what it does to the water but the info. from your website is very informative and reassuring. Only one gripe, the cost of posting a replacement filter cartridge to Ireland is pretty steep, couldn't you just send it by regular post?

Review by Matty

I love this because it means I can actually finally have alkaline water at work. I've got an ioniser at home but hated the fact that I had to drink crappy water at work, but now this is the solution.

Review by Eddie

i am glad to be drinking water that is free of impurities and has a high ph level.

Review by joe