Ninja Bottle
Ninja Bottle

Ninja Bottle

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Slick, Smart and Practical!

Introducing the brand new Ninja Bottle, perfect for daily use, sports use, travel and much more.  It has a host of features not normally found on your average bottle.

  • No Leaks:  Heavy duty seal and clip to prevent leakage
  • No Clogging:  The open spout is hygenic, easy to clean and drink from.  You can use with supplements with no fear that the powder will clog the bottle..
  • Easy To Hold:  Ergonomic design makes it easy to carry, run with etc..
  • Fits In Bottle Holders & Bikes:  Making it easy to take with you, whatever you are doing.
  • BPA Free:  No worries about contaminants.
  • Looks Great:  Super cool design with Avocado Ninja branding.