Liquid Chlorophyll (4 oz / 120ml)

Liquid Chlorophyll (4 oz / 120ml)

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Feel The Difference

Super Concentrated Chlorophyll from Green Foods

pH Miracle ChloropHeal is a highly concentrated source of chlorophyllderived directly from Mulberry leaf.

Containing no artificial ingredients, like most other chlorophyll supplements, ChloropHeal tastes great and really does give you wings!

Simply add to water, juices, smoothies or any other drink to give you an alkaline hit anytime, any place!

The perfect boost for busy people!


Direct & Potent Source of Green Food Goodness!

We all know that getting enough green foods each day is important for our health, but getting our quota every day can be difficult – especially with a busy, on-the-go life!

ChloropHeal from pH Miracle is a fantastic liquid chlorophyll, that contains only chlorophyll – the green goodness from plants – and demineralised water so you can now have this alkaliser on the go, no matter where you are or how busy you are!

ChloropHeal certainly does ‘give you wings’! This is a fantastic product that I simply can’t do without! I highly recommend it.

ChloropHeal is unlike almost every other chlorophyll supplement that are highly processed and contain sweeteners and preservatives.

Ingredients: 100 % aqueous extract of mulberry leaf


Adults: 10-15 drops under the tongue or mixed with water, 3-4 times per day.

Children: 1-2 times per day, or as recommended by your doctor.

Serving suggestion: 15 drops per day with water or your choice of beverage, or just put the Chlorophyll drops for pure water and mix with Greens, and here we are: a delicious healthy Green Drink!

Review by Marjorie Joyce
Now been using this for several months and health has improved,have advantage over some of you in that I am fed through a PEG so don't get the taste!Am sure being more alkaline improves resistance to disease

Seems to work No smell
Review by Markie
Started using this a few weeks back and have to say its not bad... A bit pricey but does what it says

Review by Jay B
Forget red bull and all that crap this stuff gives you the wings!

Feel great
Review by Bruce
I think this is a fab product. I didn't get it because my blood is bad I don't think but because I need more energy especially in the afternoon. The chlorophyll tastes ok but it gives me a great feeling. I really recommend it.