Vegus Fresh Wheatgrass Juice (7 day supply)
Vegus Fresh Wheatgrass Juice (7 day supply)

Vegus Fresh Wheatgrass Juice (7 day supply)

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Enjoy the goodness of this Wheatgrass Juice, which is:
  • Whole and raw
  • Fresh-pressed, never heated, never frozen
  • Ready to drink.
  • The juice is whole, natural, treated with high pressure for shelf life.
  • Shelf life is about 16 weeks from production without refrigeration
  • 7 sachets of 40ml wheatgrass juice

The Vegus Wheatgrass Juice is loaded with nutrients and are a great way to add fresh, live nutrition to one's diet.


33 ml Ingredients:

Wheat shoots juice (99.8%)

Lactic Acid (non-dairy) 0.2%

This product replaces products on the market that gives you the boost you are looking for

I re-ordered as first was a tester. IThis juice is good stuff, has a bit of an after taste but very good for health. Almost instantly (10mins) developed a surge in energy that lasted through out the day. Recommended


Surprisingly very effective

I was initially hesitant about buying the juice but after some research made the decision to give it a try. Having juiced fresh wheatgrass for many years, I have become quite used to the taste and so was pleasantly surprised after tasting my first Vegas sachet that it was remarkably similar in taste and effect. I still juice fresh when I can but it is quite amazing to have fresh wheatgrass on tap without the hassle anytime I want especially while at work.